Modern technology
Right investment

Technical Details


  • Hot dip galvanized and painted steel structure
  • Direct gantry drive with frequency converter
  • High resistance rivets "aeronautic" type
  • Stainless steel bolts

Vertical brushes

  • Hot dip galvanized steel single cross beam
  • Electrical positioning drive
  • Double cross over on front and back of the vehicle
  • Double inclination and locking by cylinder (optional)
  • Electronic power control

Horizontal brush

  • Electrical uplift with frequency converter
  • Electronic power control
  • Hot dip galvanized sliding guides


  • Hot dip galvanized and painted contour following blade  with side flows for windows and side of vehicle
  • Flap tilting in 2 positions (optional)
  • Electrical uplift with frequency converter
  • Hot dip galvanized sliding guides
  • Side drying 2 electric blowers (optional)
  • Anti-fall security system

High Pressure (optional)

  • Side High Pressure
  • Wheels High Pressure
  • High Pressure pump 42 lt/min on board

Standard equipment

  • Hydraulic system with dedicated solenoid valves  and piping
  • Shampoo dosing pump
  • Wax dosing pump
  • Single festoon supply system (wall hanging)
  • Control panel

Technical features


High pressure pump on board
42 lt/min - 80 bar in horizontal position.
Wheel washer
Alarm for lifting belt loosening. Anti-fall locking system on drying blade.
Wax application
The wax is applied on the top and sides with bi-directional nozzles for a perfect water-repellent effect.
Contour following horizontal blade. 2 electric blowers 3 kW each.
Pre-whashing with foam
Traffic light
Self-service system