Innovative technological solutions
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High quality washing

Technical details


  • Hot dip galvanized and painted steel structure
  • ABS plastic claddings (optional)
  • Direct gantry drive with frequency converter
  • High resistance rivets "aeronautic" type
  • Stainless steel bolts

Vertical brushes

  • Hot dip galvanized steel single cross beam
  • Electrical positioning drive with frequency converter
  • Double cross over on front and back of the vehicle
  • Double inclination and locking by cylinder
  • Electronic power control

Horizontal brush

  • Electrical uplift with frequency converter
  • Electronic power control
  • Stainless steel sliding guides


  • 3 positions tilting stainless steel horizontal blade following the vehicle profile.
  • Electrical uplift with frequency converter
  • Stainless steel sliding guides
  • Side drying 2 electric blowers with inclined side vents
  • Security device anti-crush

Standard equipment

  • Hydraulic system with dedicated solenoid valves and piping
  • Shampoo dosing pump
  • Wax dosing pump
  • 2 single festoon supply systems (wall hanging)
  • Control panel in dedicated wall box
  • Fully integrated preset self-service kit

Technical features


High pressure system pre-wash - wheels
Tilting wheel washer with fully integrated rotating high pressure, for a thorough cleaning of rims, wheel arches and sills.
High pressure system pre-wash - Fixed lateral
Located on intermediate mobile arch. Advanced position for a perfect pre-wash.
Horizontal contour following
High pressure on 2 positions tilling blade for a more efficient dirt removal.
Stainless steel wheel washer
The reversal of rotation and inclination of the brush allows a thorough cleaning of the rims of every dimension.
Cabinet Pumps
Choices of 84 or 126 liters high pressure pumps system, for a powerful pre-wash in insulated outdoor cabinet.
Pumps frame
Choices of 84 or 126 liters high pressure pumps system, for a powerful pre-wash in frame for technical room.
LED traffic light integrated in the gantry leg
Wide traffic light with LEDs, sliding display. Perfect also in bright light conditions.
  Photocells' Barrier
Thanks to the photocells' barrier it is possible to detect any vehicle's shape, optimizing the horizontal brush contact and the drying blade pass.