Modern and aggresive style, with a strong visual impact.

Technical Details

Self-service washing bays.

"Bubbles Bay" self-service washing bays meet all customer's needs, design and technology, which are combined for a highly flexible product, that can be personalized. Choosing a "Bubbles Bay" installation, you are able to give to the customer the guarantee of an excellent result for his own car cleaning and care, a wide range of programs and the possibility to use the "Active Mousse", an exclusive patented system for dirt removal.

The steel structures guarantee time durability, and are available in two different claddings: "ABS Top Line" and "Alluminium Cover".

With the new "ABS Top Line" cladding, the line style of the "Stargate" gantries is exported to self-service bays.

Round lines make the structure modern and aggressive, with a strong visual impact.

The "Alluminium Cover" claddings gives to the plant a tidy and linear style.

Technical Details

The structure is made of n. 6 poles and n. 3 hot galvanized steel beams, joined by stainless steel bolts. Flat roof cover made of white/grey sandwich zigzag steel panels. Perimeter cladding and uprights in ABS. Complete of natural aluminium frames with a grey RAL9006 smooth sandwich panel wall plug, or a 16 mm thick transparent cellular polycarbonate panel.